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Xanax Addiction Treatment Program

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Xanax Addiction Treatment Program

Although tens of thousands of people are dying from opioid addictions each year, there’s also a massive problem with benzodiazepines, like Xanax. Each year, more and more people are developing an addiction to this anti-anxiety medication. Not only is the risk of addiction extremely high, but there’s also the chance of fatal withdrawal or overdose. If you’re someone who has an addiction to this medication, it’s important to seek help from a Xanax addiction treatment program.

Why a Xanax Addiction Treatment Program?

There’s a variety of reasons as to why a person develops an addiction to Xanax, and it’s important to recognize these reasons. Some people make the mistake of believing you only have an addiction if you’re buying this medication illegally. However, many people develop this addiction because they receive a prescription from their doctor for anxiety. The drug triggers a part of the brain responsible for pleasure, so it can turn into an addiction without you knowing it.

Some of the signs of a prescription drug addiction you should look for include the following:

  • You take more than what’s prescribed
  • You experience withdrawal when you don’t take it
  • Your use is affecting your professional or social life
  • You experience symptoms of withdrawal when you don’t use
  • You’re constantly thinking about using the drug

This drug is dangerous because it’s a depressant medication, which means that it slows down the central nervous system. When you abuse this medication, it can lead to shallow breathing, which can be potentially fatal.

Recently, some dealers have begun mixing Xanax with Fentanyl, making it extremely dangerous. Fentanyl is far more potent than heroin, and it’s one of the leading causes of overdoses in the world today.

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Detox in a Xanax Addiction Treatment Program

If you believe you have a problem with Xanax, it’s crucial that you go through a medical detoxification process. Xanax affects the brain and body in many ways, and you can experience dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. One of the most dangerous symptoms of withdrawal from Xanax is seizures. When you’re in the care of a qualified detox facility, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe throughout the process.

Other symptoms of withdrawal from Xanax can include physical symptoms such as nausea, aches, and pains. There are also many psychological effects of Xanax withdrawal, such as anxiety, depression, irritability, and paranoia. At a Xanax addiction treatment center, the trained, professional staff will be there to make your symptoms as minimal as possible. This helps you as you begin to transition into substance abuse treatment and learn how to stay clean.

Therapy at a Xanax Addiction Treatment Program

Drug detox is only the beginning of getting clean from Xanax, so it’s important that you receive addiction therapy to learn how to stay clean. You’ll go through both individual as well as group therapy where you’ll see that you’re not alone and that there is hope. By working with trained professionals, you’ll learn healthier ways of coping with daily stress and anxiety.

Melrose Recovery Group is an addiction treatment facility located in Los Angeles, CA, and we want to help you recover. We provide Xanax addiction treatment as well as treatment for a variety of other substance addictions. We specialize in guiding people toward a new way of life that doesn’t involve drug abuse. Some of the programs we offer here include:

  • Adventure therapy program
  • Art therapy program
  • Music therapy program

If you’re ready to get clean, then contact Melrose Recovery Group at 800-217-3710.