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One of the worst epidemics in the history of our country is that of the opioid epidemic. Whether you abuse these harmful drugs or other medications, you need a prescription drug addiction treatment program. Only through a quality detox center and rehab can you achieve lasting sobriety and the better life you desire.
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Why Do You Need A Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

At some point, you started using a prescription medication more often or in higher doses than you should. Either you did this without a prescription or simply abused the drugs provided by your doctor. However, the substance abuse started, and clearly, you lost your control over it. Now, it controls you.

In your substance abuse, you find yourself alongside 52 million other Americans who abuse prescription drugs at some point in their lives. You fell farther into the funnel of prescription drug abuse than many, however. That is, you fell into addiction. This slow process consumed your life and quietly took over your potential for a great future.

Furthermore, you do not have a great future ahead without prescription drug addiction treatment. Through detox and rehab, you regain control over your life and can live the future you only imagine today. You go through the medically-supervised process of your body cleaning the drugs out of your system. Then in rehab, you learn how to prevent addiction from taking you into its grasp again.

Your Transformation Start Here

Get Started on Your Personal Journey to Addiction Recovery. Contact the Addiction Treatment Specialist at Melrose Recovery to Start the Admission Rehab Paperwork and Process.

What Does Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Include?

A prescription drug addiction treatment program includes a variety of services, methods, treatments, and therapies. Detox cleans the substances you long abused out of your body, as said before. However, after detox, you need the specialized treatment of a quality rehab program. This is where your true recovery begins.

Two of the most important methods included in any rehab program are group therapy and individual counseling. These two types of therapies meet your personal needs in different ways.

Group therapy helps you gain support from peers in recovery. You learn from each other and rebuild your lives together. In these sessions, you meet with about eight to 14 of your peers and focus on topics important to recovery.

In group therapy, you relearn healthy communication skills by engaging in discussions guided by the group’s addiction counselor. You also learn coping skills, life skills, and relapse prevention techniques.

Individual therapy in prescription drug addiction treatment focuses on subjects important to you, as an individual. For this therapy, you meet one-on-one with a therapist in a private setting. Your therapist guides you as you learn about your addiction, co-occurring conditions and what led you into substance abuse in the first place. You also build coping skills to prevent a relapse from occurring.

Beyond individual and group therapies, you need other types of specialized therapies. These include experiential therapies in which you go through hands-on learning and exploration of your substance abuse-related issues. Holistic methods help you heal your mind, body, and spirit, using tools such as those of art and music. Physical fitness and nutrition help you stay healthy and strong. As you likely have heard before, having a fit body helps you maintain a fit mind.

Where Your Therapies and Treatments Come Together

In Los Angeles, California, Melrose Recovery Group provides people from age 18 to 30 with the rehab treatments needed for a brighter future. After addiction, you need this mix of therapies and services, for strength in recovery.

Prescription drug and opioid addiction treatment programs at Melrose Recovery Group includes:

  • Opioid detox program
  • Inpatient addiction rehab
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Art therapy program
  • Music therapy program
  • Fitness therapy program
  • Nutrition Education

Learn more about a prescription drug addiction treatment program at Melrose Recovery Group now at (657) 220-6579. In only a matter of weeks, you can enjoy a better life. So contact Melrose Recovery Group now.

Taking the First Step Toward Addiction Recovery

At Melrose Recovery, our addiction specialists strive for the highest quality of care and are here to change lives for the better

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