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Heroin abuse is a big problem across the United States. More people turn to the drug now than ever before because it’s cheap. This rise in heroin use has made heroin addiction treatment and heroin detox more important than ever before. Below are heroin addiction treatment services that people need to look for in a rehab center.

Getting reliable heroin addiction treatment is the only way to truly get over an addiction. Remember that addiction isn’t a choice or lifestyle. It’s a disease that robs people of their ability to choose.

Even after undergoing drug detox, people struggle with the urge to use. Heroin addiction treatment can help them cope and learn to avoid triggers.

Medication Treatment

One way that people deal with heroin addiction is via medication assisted treatment. Research shows that pharmacological options help people gain control in addiction treatment programs. Keep in mind, however, that medication alone isn’t enough to overcome the disease. While it makes dealing with the addiction easier, people still need to undergo rehab.

Individuals may find medications helpful in dealing with heroin addiction. In fact, there are three main types, which include antagonists, partial agonists, and agonists.

Agonists act on opioid receptors in the brain. Partial agonists also activate receptors but have weaker effects. Antagonists, on the other hand, block receptors. Blocking the receptors interferes with the rewarding feeling that people get from taking heroin.

Methadone is an agonist, buprenorphine is a partial agonist and naltrexone is a common opioid antagonist. These are common medications that rehab centers use during heroin addiction treatment. Choosing which medicine will be most beneficial depends on people’s medical needs. Rehab doctors and nurses have adequate training to determine the best choice.

Taking the First Step Toward Addiction Recovery

At Melrose Recovery, our addiction specialists strive for the highest quality of care and are here to change lives for the better

Behavioral Therapy

One of the most effective heroin addiction treatments is behavioral therapy. It’s an umbrella term that includes many therapy methods. The goal behind therapy is to get to the root cause of people’s addiction and treat the source.

This type treatment is important because few people start using heroin just because it’s available, and they want to. In general, they use because of some other problem. Therapy can uncover this problem and help people deal with underlying issues.

In many cases, the underlying issues are other mental disorders. Some people start taking opioids to deal with the symptoms. However, drugs like heroin aren’t a long-term solution to the problem. As a result, people have to continue taking them and eventually develop an addiction.

Prescription medication is extremely expensive from street dealers. Eventually, people turn to heroin as a cheaper alternative. Others start using heroin because their families or friends use it.

Regardless of the reason for heroin use, therapy can help. Individual, group and family therapies can teach people how to overcome addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular method that therapists use during these sessions.

Melrose Recovery Group Can Help You With a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

At Melrose Recovery Group, we help people overcome a wide range of addictions, including heroin addiction. Our mission is to help residents through every stage of the recovery process. That’s why we offer both detox and inpatient treatment. Our friendly staff is here to provide all the support that they can.

Our heroin addiction treatment program addresses your needs. We’ll create a custom addiction treatment plan for you using a mix of our many therapy services such as:

  • Family therapy program
  • Women’s addiction rehab program
  • Men’s addiction rehab program
  • Art therapy program
  • Music therapy program
  • Individual therapy program
  • Group therapy program
  • 30-day Suboxone taper
  • Experiential therapy program

Don’t Wait to Look for a Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Don’t keep putting off rehab. Drug addiction treatment at Melrose Recovery Group in Los Angeles, CA, can help you put a permanent end to drug or alcohol abuse. In a relatively short amount of time, you can be on your way to a sober and independent future. To learn more about our addiction programs and other helpful services,
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