Adventure Therapy For Addiction Recovery

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People tend to think rehab just means getting sober, then sitting in a circle of chairs and sharing feelings. While this is certainly a part of it, there’s a lot more to rehab than meets the eye. An adventure therapy program is one such example. In this type of therapy, you engage deeply in your recovery through outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, camping and cooperative games.

About an Adventure Therapy Program

Through adventure or wilderness therapy, you learn to take healthy risks. You also explore your personal issues in new ways. During all of the adventure-based activities, you have the support and guidance of your counselor. In many of the activities, you work with peers in recovery to achieve group goals.

Wilderness therapy uses the adventure experience to help you face and work through your emotional issues. It also helps you overcome addiction, behavioral problems and other challenges standing in the way of healthy recovery. Through the adventure activity, you develop new skills to help you live a better life.

The terms “adventure” or even “wilderness” therapy makes the activities sound fun. However, these activities include more than just enjoyment of the outdoors. They also include drug counseling, teamwork, and working out consequences for poor choices. An adventure therapy program can even help you tap into some of your deepest feelings and worries.

Because adventure activities help you access your true feelings, you gain the ability to face them. You also start the healing process. This healing leads to personal growth and greater potential for happiness.

Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Therapy

Whether you use the term adventure therapy or wilderness therapy, a clear component of this type of counseling is the outdoors. Being outside and getting away from daily pressures within a natural environment while breathing fresh air boosts your spirits and helps you appreciate life again.

Wilderness therapy helps you recover from buried emotional wounds. It also helps with unresolved trauma and the destruction left behind by addiction. In wilderness therapy, you open yourself up in ways you may not through traditional talk therapy. This is why adventure-based programs combine well with other types of counseling for complete healing in rehab.

One reason why an adventure therapy program works so well is the quiet individuals are able to experience in the outdoors. Instead of listening to others’ voices, outside you tend to listen more to yourself. You hear your inner voice without distraction. This also helps you gain greater self-awareness.

In adventure-based therapy, expect to experience fear, such as fear of heights. You’ll do things you’ve never done before, and may never have dreamed of doing. Part of the process includes encountering and overcoming difficulties. You also learn from these experiences, as they mimic real-world challenges and situations.

Despite providing the basis for great self-reflection, an adventure therapy program also helps you learn from others. You work alongside your peers in recovery, sharing experiences while giving each other constructive feedback. Everyone provides even greater honesty while working to achieve team goals.


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Benefits of Outdoor Therapies

Benefits of an adventure therapy program include:
  • Building trust in yourself and others
  • Gaining personal empowerment
  • Teamwork and leadership skill building
  • Improving self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence
  • Increasing problem-solving abilities
  • Greater communication and cooperation skills
  • Gaining a more positive outlook
  • Complete recovery in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, California, Melrose Recovery Group provides the individual, family and group therapies you need for lasting recovery. These therapies take place in Melrose Recovery Group’s inpatient substance abuse treatment program.

Treatment at Melrose Recovery Group includes:

  • Addiction detox center
  • Young adult rehab center
  • Experiential therapy program
  • Aftercare planning and transitional support
  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Insurance verification and advocacy

If you or someone you love needs addiction recovery, you can achieve that dream. You just need the right help. Contact Melrose Recovery Group by calling (657) 220-6579 now.

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