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Paying For Rehab

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Paying For Rehab

Is the fear of a hefty price tag preventing you from picking up the phone and asking for help? Don’t let your drug abuse continue to spiral out of control, while you worry about the consequences of your addiction. Discover ways of paying for rehab that are doable.

Health Insurance Makes Paying For Rehab Convenient

Most people have an insurance policy that covers some or all of the treatment you receive at a rehab facility. Typically, these companies look for licensed therapists who provide professional services. When they see that these make up the staff of the center, they often pay for your care. Because every health care plan is different, allow a treatment consultant to help you verify your actual insurance coverage.

If you’ve already tried calling your plan representative and got nowhere, don’t worry. Experts in the field know the right questions to ask. Moreover, they know the departments that will likely provide the correct information. You don’t have to waste time on hold to figure out what you’re eligible for.

Become a Private Pay Client

If you don’t have insurance coverage, consider paying for rehab as a private client. This option also appeals to people who want to keep their addictions confidential. By not creating a paper trail with insurers, they protect their privacy. Options include private medical lending companies and loans through credit cards.

Keep in mind that a credit card loan is different from a charge. Financing rates may vary. Contact your credit card provider to discuss the details of this option.

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hope dealer

Talk through the Treatment Options

Another factor that determines the financial bottom line is your need for services. Examples include:

  • Detox center programs, where you rid your body of a drug’s influence
  • Rehab for women or men that provides psychotherapy for recognizing your reasons for using
  • Family counseling that helps undo dysfunctional patterns in relating to others
  • Aftercare planning with an emphasis on relapse prevention planning

Talk Dollars and Cents with a Treatment Consultant

Don’t be caught up in the fear that it’ll cost thousands of dollars to get well. Remember that everyone’s care differs depending on his or her needs. Residents with moderate addictions require shorter treatments than those who’ve been using for a long time.

Melrose Addiction Treatment Center allows for tapering during detoxification, which is tailored to your specific needs, Melrose Recovery offers Individualized Addiction Treatment Plan. During rehab, your progress decides whether you need a 30 or 60-day stay. As a result, you may not pay the same amount as someone else. Don’t let worries over paying for rehab prevent you from seeking help.

Find out which services could make the difference for you today. You don’t have to continue suffering or worry about finances. The addiction treatment consultants at Melrose Recovery want to help you get well. Call 800-271-3710 to learn more about your options.