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Detox Treatment Programs

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Detox Treatment Programs

Detox is the essential first step in any proper rehab facility. It’s essential that your body be cleansed of any toxins prior to treatment. Throughout this process, our caring & trained staff provides close monitoring and compassionate care to ensure your treatment is effective and provides you with the best possible outcome.

Seamless Transition from Detox to Residential

Detox helps you to overcome physiological dependence. When your body no longer is convinced that it needs a drug just to survive, you’re ready to move on to residential.

Client-focused addiction treatment programs allow for a seamless transition from detox to residential. For example, you graduate from the detox center portion of the treatment program and move to the rehab phase immediately. Detox and rehab both take place in a residential treatment setting, which cuts down on inconvenience for the clients.

  • One-on-one talk therapy that encourages self-examination and identification of dysfunctions
  • Group therapy sessions with an eye on relapse prevention and disease education
  • Relaxation opportunities that may incorporate meditation
  • Exercise therapy that benefits individuals of all fitness levels to work on building physiological health
  • Social gatherings, which train you to relate to peers in a drug-free situation
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